Eyes closed, i see the light within. My senses awakening to a deeper level, a great sense of awareness. I feel the depth of my being and what surrounding me in a new way. 

In this very  present moment, I make steps through the fears realising it was all mind made and I open myself to the unknown. 

Two energetic beings merging, I only feel love. I ear the song of your breath through my skin, I see our love in colors and I let you in as much as i let you go. 

No plans, no goals, no point of reference, Only the now exist, I feel so alive. 


From the bedroom to the boardroom! 

Made of extensible silk & longer than regular one, this blindfold perfectly covers body parts. Be creative in a soft way with the multi function bondage accessories which brings great complicity to the lovers. 

I also use it as hair band, belt, scarf etc...

+ 97% Silk + 3% spandex + 90 inches lenght + Soft + multi use

Hand Made In Montreal.