Yes it is the most sensual event in the city! Bal Erotique was incredible this year and i am very happy that White Label is a part of it in the creative team. 

A night where sensuality & eros is up front, in a very respectful and safe place to be. Dance like never before, express yourself as you wish and see the best performer often internationnally reconised. 

  In my eyes it is the perfect place between a very conservative sexuality wich is base on religious beliefs and the opossit extreem porn. Because between this two worlds there is a lot of love and discovery, but that's another deep subject...  

It may be explicite, but it is like a great kiss before a torent night! 

I love to create for MondeOse Bal Erotique!! It is a space were my creation is limitless and everything from me is around free expression of a woman, beauty and eros. A modern way in my own opinion to look at what seem to be an healty sexuality with a spicy taste. 

Check out the video <3