Since 2015 i am thrilled to work with the most sexy event of the year, the Bal Érotique created by Monde Ose!

This year Monde Osé présents Bal Érotique XII – MANOIR 

& White Label is providing is bold and feminine designs once again. 

A night where femininity, erotisme, sensuality intertwin with good musics, amazing performances and good vibes. 

 A brand new concept taking over the St-James Theatre, transforming the iconic venue into an evolving sensual playground. Montreal’s very first peep show mansion, where you will be transported into a series of different rooms with different themes, each conveying different experiences to provoke the exhibitionist OR voyeur in you… 

« You can't miss the video » - WARNING: THE FOLLOWING VIDEO RELEASE HOT # AF!English:

Partners: Salon de l'amour et de la Séduction + Sexy et Compagnie + LeFabreville + Sexy surprise + SDC Swingers Date Club Promotions + L'Orage Club Échangiste + Montreal and Laval Nuru Massage + Nu2 Concept + White Label